A big milestone…

We’re so relieved that the police have recovered the family car and have made an arrest. It’s a welcomed breakthrough since our Mommy’s murder. We believe that your thoughts and prayers have made a difference. Your comments and words of support have helped our family get through this difficult time, and this is yet another big milestone on our way to healing. We realize there is quite a bit of work left to do for the police, but would like to thank the Hercules Police Department and FBI for all the great work that they have done so far. Now we can take an evening to reflect, have a family dinner, and remember Susie Ko.

31 thoughts on “A big milestone…

  1. The Lee family is thinking of all of you tonight. We can take a small breath of relief tonight knowing the car was found and hopefully, get some questions answered about Susie. We care about all of you so much and you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. So relieved that the search is over and your family will finally get some answers. I know it must have been hard for all of you to open up your lives to the world at your most vulnerable moment, but you guys did the right thing. Praying for you and your family Sandy…

  3. The Mendoza Family from Rodeo, CA (next door) is also thinking about all of you tonight. We just saw the news earlier today that your Susie’s car was found up in King County, WA. We are thrilled that it was found. You are all in our prayers and our thoughts everyday. We especially miss, Susie Ko. We can’t forget that Susie was Janice’s K-School Teacher at St. Patrick’s School. Additionally, Susie has been a longtime friend of our family for over 20 years. We have seen Susie touched so many, many lives over the years. We love and care about all of you very much.

  4. This is wonderful news. I’m so glad the car has been found. I pray that the police continue their good work to help bring answers to your family as well as those who support you.

  5. And thanks’s to the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) for getting involved with all of it’s resources at a very early stage to bring this to a conclusion by providing its’ resources to State and Federal agencies.

  6. In appreciation of the police work for catching these dangerous criminals as it’s highly probable they were going to hurt other innocent people. Our thoughts are with the Ko family. No one should go through this pain. Hang in there. Your mother’s beautiful memories will keep you going strong.
    Margaret Petros

  7. My heart is with you all…what a relief that Mrs Ko’s murder was not left unsolved. Now we can all think about her wonderful life and the beautiful family that loves her.

  8. there is justice after all. susie can rest in peace now knowing those who hurt her can no longer cause harm to any one else in this world. susie was an awesome human being. she did not deserve what happened to her. i truly do not understand why tragic events happened to people who brought kindness to the world.

  9. Sandy, thanks for the update and take care of yourself and your family…I even invited my parents who are not Catholic to pray…

  10. I thank God that we can rest knowing that the people responsible are now arrested. We will continue praying for the kind of peace that only God can give to the Ko family and friends. God bless you.

  11. I was very saddened to read about this case. I hope the recent arrests bring some amount of resolution. I’m very sorry that evil crossed her path. Ms. Ko sounds like a kind and amazing woman.

  12. Hopefully justice prevails, and the culprits pay for what they did!
    May Susie rest in peace.
    Kelvin, Sandy, Simon, Diana, & Sophia, you’re in our thoughts and prayers. Please take care!
    – Christine, Francis, & Brandon -

  13. I’m so glad they found him. My thoughts and prayers still go out to you and your family. Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

  14. Dear Ko Family, I love Susie very much. I really miss her alot. We were friends since 10 years old. We both went to Spring Valley and Marina together. We email each other from time to time. A year or two ago we met in Chinatown and had lunch together. She will always be in my heart 4 ever. Instead of email to Susie, I will chat with her in my dreams and prayers from now. I’m 1000% sure GOD will take good care of her from now on. Best Regards!
    Love, Nina (an old friend)

  15. Dear Ko family,

    We are devastated to hear about this unimaginable tragedy. Our deepest condolences. A small bit of solace in knowing the killers are caught. Our thoughts are with you. She is greatly missed.

    -Tong family

  16. I think there are more than 2 people involved in this hideous crime. How did they managed to get to their home, drive, bart, escorted by someone who lived/rented near Ko’s house? Ko’s house is not exactly right of 880, you have to purposely look for it, and of course knowing that it was an easy target at that day and time. These peeps must have a connection to someone living there, a partner in crime.
    …rip Susie.

  17. To the Ko Family –

    I’m friends with Jenn & Marcus Lee, we went to High School together and some of college at USF. I also have family in Hercules, and I’m sure my boyfriend (Curtis Ko) is distant family members.

    Since we heard about this tragedy, my heart sunk a million times. Sharing your facebook invite with ALL my friends from all over the world, keeping up to date with everything; updates, etc. and even reading your blog + sharing it with all my family didn’t feel like it was enough; but I’m ever so thankful the next step to this is happening. Reading all the articles, and watching the story all over the news has been uplifting, and we only wish justice will take fourth.

    Wishing the best for Susie Ko, now that she’s looking down on us.

    Hang in there, huge hugs from us. Sending you all the best wishes, from my family to yours.

    Michelle Ng
    (The Ng Family, Leong Family, Loo Family, Ko Family)

  18. I am so relieved for your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I didn’t know your mother, but obviously she is loved by so many. I hope you find comfort in the many loving memories you have.

  19. God bless you guys! I have been praying and thinking about this! Big win for our community and Hercules PD for their hardwork. You guys are lucky to have such a beautiful angel. Hang in there strong.

  20. Dear Kelvin and family,
    The heart-breaking news was too shocking to comprehend. We can only pray and cry to God for mercy and comfort for you and your family and that His love will sustain and lift you up. My family and our church friends will continue to pray that you will come out of this stronger as a family. May God’s merciful kindness continue to surround you.
    Silvia and Harry

  21. Such a relief that the car was found and I’ll continue to pray and hope your family will get more answers. I’m sorry for your loss, Mrs. Ko was a wonderful person and teacher.

  22. Dear Ko Family,
    My family and I live in Hercules and our hearts are broken for the senseless murder of your beautiful wife and mother . We prayed and asked God for justice to find her killers. Thank you God for answering our prayers so your mother can rest in peace. May God bless you all and give you all strength to get through this terrible time.

  23. Sandy and the Ko Family,
    Sandy- I don’t know if you remember me, but it’s Jihee, we went to UCLA together. I just found out about this news and that it was your mother. I am so sorry for your loss and this tragic incident. Hope these horrible criminals are brought to justice and hope this brings somewhat of a closure for your family. My prayers are with you and your family and I hope it’ll bring you peace….

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